Season Two | Trailer | 1:13


Hi! I’m David Abrams, Co-founder and CEO of HILO, and host of TEN, the Tenant Experience Network. Join me for season 2 as we continue our conversations with leading CRE professionals who all have something to say about the impact of technology on tenant experience in the built world.

With recent events accelerating the creation of tech-enabled buildings, now is the time to delve deeper into conversations about how we can support the return to the workplace, knowing full well that it will be much slower than first contemplated. Flexibility will continue to evolve as an emerging theme in CRE, recognizing that people will be working from everywhere.

More than ever, we have an opportunity to reimagine how we define and deliver tenant experience. Together with our guests, season 2 of TEN will dig into this topic to bring our listeners the latest and greatest thinking, and real-time insights from people in the trenches – building owners, managers, tenants and founders of leading Proptech solutions. 

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