Impactful Benefits


More than a building app, HILO seamlessly connects users to everything that a building and its neighborhood has to offer, creating an unrivalled user experience that builds long-term tenant loyalty.


HILO helps attract new tenants by creating sought-after building communities where users feel rewarded, connected, supported, and happy.


HILO boosts revenues for building operators by providing tenants with seamless access to onsite retailers, amenities, and services directly through the HILO network.


HILO drives efficiencies, saves time, and reduces costs by providing building operators with all the tools needed to streamline operations.

Essential Features


HILO provides direct, real time communication between building operators and all their tenants, creating informed, engaged, and supported communities, whether onsite or remote.


The HILO network ensures tenants feel valued by offering exclusive curated offers and experiences from the building and nearby businesses.

My Building

HILO’s My Building feature provides tenants with information and access to everything their building has to offer at the touch of a button (or in the palm of their hands).

Frictionless Experience

The HILO network streamlines the user experience by creating a single platform for all building technologies by offering integration with the industry’s best third-party software.

Data & Insights

Data analytics from HILO’s network provides building operators with vital intelligence about tenant occupancy, engagement, and utilization, helping to drive smarter, more effective asset management.

Experienced Team


HILO’s team of marketing and engagement experts provide hands-on support to help building operators create unrivaled content, rewards and programs uniquely tailored to their building community.


HILO’s industry-leading onboarding and training process enables building operators to launch their own building community to connect with tenants and visitors within just 30 days.


HILO’s unrivalled engagement expertise achieves industry-high user registrations, with an average of 50% of tenants signed up to the HILO platform in each building community in as little as 6 months.

Uniquely HILO


Unlike building apps, the HILO network truly connects people to communities in buildings, neighbourhoods and cities where they work and live, allowing tenants to access rewards, content, programs, services, and each other, whether in the office, on the commute, or working from home.


HILO is the only tenant experience SaaS technology solution selected for Acceleprise’s prestigious B2B SaaS accelerator program in New York, San Francisco and Toronto.

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