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Welcome to a whole new world of rewards. Join the Hilo community and access exclusive local retail and building offers, critical workplace news and information, special events and amenities.
All right at your fingertips.

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Make Work Rewarding

Join Hilo and discover local deals, find nearby businesses, and engage with your building. Make your work life better and easier.
All from your phone.

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Reward yourself at work

Access exclusive, limited-time premium offers, just for you, from your building and nearby shops, services and eateries.

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Find everything you need

From food to fashion, flower shops to phone repair, if it’s in your building or neighbourhood, the Hilo directory has it all.

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Know it all in real-time

Stay up-to-the-minute with critical news about your building and be rewarded with invitations to special events, programs and amenities.

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Connect with your building

Need maintenance, help from security, or have a question about parking? Hilo allows you to message your building’s property manager for assistance.

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Redeem and repeat

Save your favourite Hilo rewards for later or redeem them right away. Either way, keep checking back for new ones. No points collecting required.

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Rewarding Connections

Join Hilo and discover the future of workplace community. Engage and communicate more effectively with your building’s tenants, and deliver the services, programs and amenities they need for a better and easier work experience.

Get the word out

Hilo is the fastest and most powerful way to communicate critical workplace news and information to your building’s occupants.

Engage both ways

Hilo activates your tenants to become the eyes and ears of the community, resulting in timely and more effective building operations.

Support retail partners

Hilo gives your retailers access to more effective promotions and marketing that reward your tenants and drive more traffic and sales for their business.

Buildings reward too

Promote your building’s programs, amenities and events by rewarding your tenants with special offers that are created exclusively for them.

Communicate fast & direct

Whether it’s an emergency alert, a building sponsored reward, or a tenant appreciation event, Hilo allows you to notify occupants in real-time.

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Rewarding Customer Engagement

Join Hilo to create stronger connections with local customers, increase traffic, boost customer loyalty, and drive new revenue.

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Connect with high-value customers

80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Hilo gives you access to your best customers, right in your community, so you can build stronger, lasting relationships.

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The right customers, at the right time

Why advertise to the wrong people? Hilo promotes exclusive and timely offers to reach customers who are already in your building and neighbourhood.

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Increase traffic and build loyalty

More people into your business, means more sales. Hilo rewards customers with exclusive offers, which gives them more reasons to keep coming back.

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Advertise with more flexibility

Create rewarding promotions that work for your business; your product or service, your schedule, and even your margins. Hilo makes it easy to do.

What is Hilo?

Hilo is a tech-enabled network of connected communities that create a more personalized and rewarding workplace experience while strengthening engagement between building operators and their tenants.

Hilo creates connected communities by offering more effective communication and engagement with your building, while delivering exceptional retail and building rewards. Simply join Hilo by selecting your city, your neighbourhood and the building where you work. That’s it. Now you’re set to access the workplace news and information you need most and receive exclusive rewards from your building and nearby shops and eateries.

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