Transform how you engage and service your tenants. The Hilo platform enables building operators to deliver better tenant experiences and a single point of access to smart building solutions. Rather than silo one building, our network connects people to the Hilo community in buildings, neighbourhoods and cities where they work and live. As the community grows, Hilo will leverage the data and provide valuable insights to our building partners in order to improve operations, reduce costs and increase asset value.


  • Community
  • Engagement
  • Connection
  • Experiences
  • Access
  • Alerts
  • Rewards

The HILO network is a SaaS enterprise software solution used by building operators to attract tenants, boost revenues, and streamline operations by creating connected, engaged and informed building communities.

Setting the industry standard to connect tenants to everything their building has to offer

  • Onboarding and orientation tool for new tenants
  • Two-way customizable communications
  • Resource of building and community information and services 
  • Local business marketplace directory 
  • Exclusive Rewards from the building and nearby businesses
  • Smart building integrations and customizations
  • Custom visual identity to showcase your brand
  • Open source platform that supports smart building integrations and customizations
  • One Hilo network establishes the standard for building community across neighbourhoods and cities
  • Be part of a recognized branded solution that will increase engagement
  • The Hilo network is ‘evergreen’ and continues beyond changes in building ownership or management
  • 30 day onboarding plan
  • Marketing collateral
  • Content creation and management
  • Curation and oversight of Rewards
  • Activation events
  • Training for your staff and tenants
  • Improve the delivery of programs and services
  • Optimize operational efficiency
  • Measure and improve customer satisfaction
  • Boost tenant retention
  • Reduce costs from lost rent, commission and inducements
  • Increase asset value

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