Hilo is not another
building app

We are a consumer branded digital platform that is reinventing Community Engagement and making workplace experiences better, easier, and more rewarding.

Hilo is on a mission to become the largest platform of connected communities and smart buildings across urban centres, strengthening engagement between building operators and their customers.

We are the only solution in market that is creating community within and across buildings, neighbourhoods and cities. With mass scale and the addition of functionality and integrations, Hilo will be well positioned to more effectively manage the customer journey and experience within CRE.

Office tenants expect
more tech at work

Building owners realize the workplace is not just about desks and space anymore. Tenants expect a connected and elevated customer experience that includes services and amenities, social engagement, culture, and the convenience of tech.

Hilo delivers

A local rewards program
in realtime

Building information,
services and amenities

A business marketplace

Two-way customizable

Smart building

Building/Developer branding
within Hilo

Hilo Partners

Hilo Team

David Abrams

Co-Founder & CEO

Kirk Stephens

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Oz Solomon

Co-founder & Technology Advisor

Brent St. Pierre

VP Business Development

Stacey Gallippi

Product Manager

Emily Abrams

Client Success & People

Hannah Vo

Accounting Manager

Merissa Vuylsteke

Building & Rewards Marketing


CTO  |  Chief Treats Officer


CFO  |  Chief Fun Officer

Say hello to Hilo, and say hello to a more rewarding workplace!