Conceived and built from the inside out, the Hilo platform was informed and inspired by more than two decades of experience serving the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry. Our first hand experiences have provided Hilo with a deep understanding of what building operators and tenants want and need. 

Our Story

Conceived and built from the inside out, the HILO platform was informed and inspired by more than two decades of experience serving the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry.

The career of our Co-founder and CEO, David Abrams, took off when the promotions company he managed  evolved to a full service marketing and communications agency. The firm quickly earned a reputation for creating impactful advertising, promotional, and engagement programs, as well as memorable tenant experiences for some of Canada’s most prestigious CRE developers.

We know CRE

Our first hand experiences have provided HILO with a deep understanding of what building operators and tenants want and need. This unique insight led to the idea and development of HILO’s Tenant Experience Network (TEN), and our relentless mission to bring developers, property managers, and tenants together to create the largest connected community of people in buildings.

Why now?

“As we look to 2020 and envision the next decade, the most successful commercial real estate companies could follow the mantra: location, experience, analytics.”

Deloitte’s 2020 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

Real estate is one of the last industries to be disrupted by technology. Building managers now recognize that attracting and retaining the best tenants requires more than just desks and space. Today’s tenant expects a tech-enabled single point of access to all the amenities, services, events, social engagement, and smart building features that their building community offers.

We Belong Together

Recent events in the world have underscored the importance of community in everyone’s lives. HILO was built to connect people and bring building communities together. Now more than ever, we understand how important it is for building managers to be closer to their tenants, and to be able to communicate timely information and updates in real time.



We are deeply passionate about the built environment, and bring our extensive industry experience to every partner engagement, working collaboratively to help ensure user adoption, engagement and satisfaction.


David Abrams

Co-founder & CEO
Riding has taught me determination and confidence to accomplish anything. The RTCC provides me with a community to do good. My wish is for HILO to do the same as we create the largest community of connected people in buildings.

Kirk Stephens

Co-founder & CMO
Long hikes inspire me, and it’s one of my favourite ways to restore my energy. Even when I’m exhausted and my legs feel like rubber, I discover an extra gear I never knew I had. It’s a commitment and stamina that comes in handy when scaling a startup like HILO.

Oz Solomon

Co-founder & Technology Advisor
I like to ponder the meaning of life and everything tech. Things are so much more meaningful when they have meaning! It’s that kind of recursive logic that gets me working obsessively on perfecting our products.

Pawan Giri

Head of Technology
My photography is more than just cool pictures with cool gadgets. I like to create those picture-perfect moments with my family. They are the yin to my tech-obsessed yang. That’s what I like about HILO too, the perfect balance of business and community.

Stacey Gallippi

Product & Data
I organize and juggle many balls in the air at Hilo and also at home with my busy family! I love to connect things together until they work, like how HILO connects people and buildings together. I also love to connect with the outdoors and go hiking with my dog.

Emily Abrams

Client Success & People
HILO is about bringing people together. As a true people person, I spend my time connecting with our building partners and taking care of our team. And after a long day at the office, I return to my favourite role as Dog Mom.

Josh Nezon

Growth Marketing
Making my daily espresso is a thoughtful and precise morning ritual that brings me joy. My morning coffee is a constant that makes my life easier, just as HILO makes peoples lives easier and more joyful.

Hannah Vo

Accounting Manager
I’m passionate about numbers. I always try to keep HILO on track and on budget. I’m a quick learner, well organized, and always available when the team needs me.

Yohann Huidrom

Business Development Coordinator
I'm big on fitness, travelling, and I recently started jiu-jitsu. I'm very passionate about technology and how it innovates our world. I live by the rule that if anyone ever did it, then you can too. I'm excited to see how HILO innovates the CRE sphere and continues building networks and experiences.

Our Values


We are relentless and driven to do whatever it takes to get the job done. We are building a solution that we believe in.


We can’t wait until tomorrow. We embrace change, consider all possibilities and take chances to grow in order to exceed expectations every single day.


From our team to our network of users, partners and supporters, we are an inclusive community. Connection and belonging lead to meaningful relationships and work.


Our deep understanding of the built world powers the experiences we create. We strive to be a trusted solution that invests in our building partners’ success.