600 ELC Fitness Class Schedule & Sign Up

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Classes are in The Gym at 600 ELC located in the lobby service corridor. Classes are complimentary for all tenants. Sign up for a class below as spaces are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. Please bring your own Yoga mat. Tenants must sign a fitness waiver and accept Gym rules prior to accessing the Gym or classes.

Burn calories and build muscle in the ALIFIT HIIT TRAINING classes! When we combine cardio and strength training together it provides a quick efficient workout that helps maximize results! This style of training is ideal for those looking for a quick effective Fat Burning Workout!

Tired of low energy levels and high stress accompanied by anxiety? Attend our YOGA classes in your office fitness centre! Yoga is proven to improve strength, balance and flexibility while reducing body wide inflammation, back pain and stress! ALIFIT brings Yoga to your personal corporate fitness culture to improve your mood and increase energy levels! 



  • 12:00pm HIIT WORKOUT

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