How can we help?

POV by David Abrams, Co-founder & CEO

The creation of HILO is the result of two worlds merging. Bringing technology together with 25 years of experience running a marketing communications agency specializing in commercial real estate clients. As you can imagine, the agency was an entirely service-based business. Every new project started with a clean slate, and customer loyalty had to be earned each and every day. We didn’t wait for the phone to ring. It was our job to consistently check in and proactively offer service and support to each client on every project. 

For companies that provide technology and software subscriptions like HILO, there’s a notion that the technology just runs itself after the customer is onboarded, and success is measured solely on the quality and quantity of the tech. But technology software is not entirely plug-and-play like that. Nor is it a race to pile on unnecessary features. Great tech alone will never maximize success – for the tech company or the customer.

So, what is the recipe for success? 

Obviously, it starts with solving real problems with great technology. But the other half comes from adding equal parts of great customer service and support. Providing great service and support is what actually reduces churn and keeps subscriptions renewing. This is why HILO continues to invest in Customer Success for our clients by providing tools and best practices around optimization and activation. We are determined to ensure our platform is being maximized to digitize the customer experience in buildings powered by HILO, with a relentless goal to reduce friction, drive efficiency, build community, advance ESG initiatives, and increase overall satisfaction. That’s why our team is always asking “how can we help?”

I’ve had countless illuminating conversations with leading commercial real estate owners and operators through our sales outreach and hosting the TEN podcast. One thing I’m hearing more and more is that building operators are not happy with their current technology provider. So much so that they have canceled their subscription and cut ties. What reason are we hearing most often? “There was little or no support and they didn’t deliver on promises made.”  

It’s not always about the tech 

Sometimes it just comes down to reliably good customer service and support. Since delivering great customer experience is at the very core of what HILO offers, it is easy and second nature for our team to do the same for our building partners.