Your Building 'Contact Us' Information

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To allow HILO users to contact specific staff members at the building or building management about different topics, please list as many topics as required and provide email addresses for each topic.

'Contact Us' Topic The title that users will see when they select the 'Contact Us' button.
(e.g. Bicycle Parking Reservation, Leasing Inquiries, Maintenance Request, Management Office, Patio Reservation etc.)

Email The address for all Building staff members that you would like to receive an email for each topic. Each topic may include multiple staff members. List multiple email addresses separated by commas.
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If you prefer, you may upload a file (xls, xlsx, doc, docx, txt, csv, pdf) with the information instead of using the fields below.


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By submitting this form, I verify that I am authorized to submit this information to post on HILO app on behalf of the business listed above. I understand that HILO may contact me regarding this submission if there are any questions. If you experience any technical issues with this form please contact or call 416.449.7700 or 1.833.HILOAPP (1.833.445-6277).