Jeff Frick <span style="color:#33ccff;">|</span> Founder <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Menlo Creek Media and host of Turn the Lens and Work 20XX podcasts <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Understanding the changing purpose of physical space

Season 5 / Episode 8 / 44:38
In this episode, Jeff shares his insights on segmentation and intention—an excellent way to understand the changing purpose of physical space. Real estate now needs to focus on attracting people to spaces in ways that aren’t possible at home, making hospitality a crucial theme.

Ryan Speers <span style="color:#33ccff;">|</span> Partner & COO <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Workhaus <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> The future of work is flexible

Season 5 / Episode 7 / 41:20
In this episode, we learn that Ryan’s business is at the forefront of the hospitality and customer experience conversations that are happening as CRE continues to up its game on this front by offering essential amenities to help drive user engagement and enjoyment. Tune in to learn more about Ryan’s perspective on Workhaus being a tech-enabled business versus a technology business.

Bryan Berthold <span style="color:#33ccff;">|</span> Global Lead Workplace Experience <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span>Cushman & Wakefield <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Developing and supporting workplace experience

Season 5 / Episode 6 / 45:59
In this episode, Bryan acknowledges the big shift we are seeing in the purpose of the office. He also emphasizes the importance of understanding the needs and preferences of the different types of users and how that drives attendance and engagement. It is not one size fits all.

Lisa Davidson <span style="color:#33ccff;">|</span> Vice Chairman <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span>Savills North America <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> An inspiring journey from Tenant Rep to Proptech investor

Season 5 / Episode 5 / 46:17
In this episode, Lisa sheds light on key market drivers influencing real estate decisions, such as the rise of amenities and spec suites. She describes the future of work as “accommodating employees with great space.” The impact that unique community spaces have on potential tenants as they are touring prospective spaces is something else she sees in the market.

Rob Kumer <span style="color:#33ccff;">|</span> CEO <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span>KingSett Capital <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Trends and success strategies in CRE

Season 5 / Episode 4 / 53:34
In this episode, Rob shares his 3 pillars for success in the office category and speaks about the importance of experience and the technological advances impacting all asset classes. KingSett is very focused on decarbonization, and energy management including deep water cooling and implementing new lighting systems.

Sophie Wade <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Founder of Flexcel Network and Host of Transforming Work podcast <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Advancing workforce innovation <span style="color:#33ccff;">

Season 5 / Episode 3 / 56:42
In this episode we learn that Sophie is an avid observer of people and has used this skill to shape her view of the world, and now the subject of ‘work’ specifically. She points out that for the first time, we are at a point where we are asking questions about how we should be designing spaces to meet our needs better.

Jen Tindle <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Chief Comic Relief Officer <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> All about CRE and CRE technology

Season 5 / Episode 2 / 41:42
In this episode we learn that Jen’s latest project,, is an educational platform that builds on her love of learning. She shares some great insights into what the CRE industry needs to be thinking about over the next 3 to 5 years to continue to be successful, as well as her thoughts on how building tech stacks are evolving.

Nadine Ezzie & Ryan Elazari <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span>Co-hosts of CRE Unplugged <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span>Innovating from the streets to the skyline

Season 5 / Episode 1 / 37:35
In this episode, Nadine and Ryan share what led them to collaborate as hosts on a new podcast, the aptly named CRE Unplugged — Innovating from the streets to the skyline. They have a lot of passion to go with their ambitious mission to not only be informative and educational but to add a welcome dose of humour as well.

Celebrating 60 Conversations on TEN

Hard to believe that it’s been over 3 years since we launched the Tenant Experience Network (TEN) podcast as a way to connect with people at a time when we all felt isolated. Host and HILO Co-founder and CEO, David Abrams, has had the opportunity to interview some amazing people from leading CRE and Proptech companies, and in real-time, share what’s really happening in buildings and communities across North America. David wanted the program to provide a true pulse on what was actually going on in the industry, across all asset classes, without being sensational or polarizing, as is often found in the media.

Peter Riguardi <span style="color:#33ccff;">|</span> Chairman & President, New York Region <span style="color:#33ccff;">|</span> JLL <span style="color:#33ccff;">|</span> Lessons in selling CRE in NYC

Season 4 / Episode 15 / 28:35
In this episode, Peter says he seeing an increase in people coming back to the workplace and occupiers using the office to competitively attract talent. He has also noticed a significant push to the best office buildings, regardless of their location. With 460 million square feet of office space in NYC, only time will tell how much space use will have to change.