Jen Tindle | Chief Comic Relief Officer | | All about CRE and CRE technology

Season 5 / Episode 2 / 41:42
In this episode we learn that Jen’s latest project,, is an educational platform that builds on her love of learning. She shares some great insights into what the CRE industry needs to be thinking about over the next 3 to 5 years to continue to be successful, as well as her thoughts on how building tech stacks are evolving.

Celebrating 60 Conversations on TEN

Hard to believe that it’s been over 3 years since we launched the Tenant Experience Network (TEN) podcast as a way to connect with people at a time when we all felt isolated. Host and HILO Co-founder and CEO, David Abrams, has had the opportunity to interview some amazing people from leading CRE and Proptech companies, and in real-time, share what’s really happening in buildings and communities across North America. David wanted the program to provide a true pulse on what was actually going on in the industry, across all asset classes, without being sensational or polarizing, as is often found in the media.

Peter Riguardi | Chairman & President, New York Region | JLL | Lessons in selling CRE in NYC

Season 4 / Episode 15 / 28:35
In this episode, Peter says he seeing an increase in people coming back to the workplace and occupiers using the office to competitively attract talent. He has also noticed a significant push to the best office buildings, regardless of their location. With 460 million square feet of office space in NYC, only time will tell how much space use will have to change.

Nico DePaul | Chief Operating Officer | NNN Pro Group | Net leasing in today’s CRE market

Season 4 / Episode 14 / 36:08
In this episode, Nico shares the ways in which the net lease industry is being affected by the current environment in CRE, with many variables affecting the level of activity across several categories. Like all aspects of the industry, Nico shares many ways that technology is impacting his space and the ways in which the business is evolving.

Brett Miller <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> CEO <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Canderel <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Embracing the future of work and experience

Season 4 / Episode 13 / 40:11
In this episode, Brett shares details on Canderel’s new Okkto initiative, which offers a very exciting suite of innovative workplace hospitality experiences for the users of their spaces. We discussed how technology can offer better connectivity to their customers and help to better understand their needs.

Shimon Shkury <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> President & Founder <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Ariel Property Advisors <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Building on great partnerships for success

TEN Podcast guest Shimon Shkury

Season 4 / Episode 12 / 39:53
In this episode, Shimon shares insights on the current state of the market as well as his beliefs on the opportunities ahead of us. He has a great read on what building operators need to do to create more compelling workplaces and suggested the idea of forming a Board, consisting of both building operators and the occupants, to come together and discuss emerging issues in CRE.

Gary Phillips <span style="color:#33ccff;">|</span> Managing Director <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Eastdil Secured <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span>Insights into the office market in New York

Season 4 / Episode 11 / 34:08
In this episode, we learn that Gary has been exposed to all asset classes but was able to share his insights into the office category and the challenges that it is facing, with consideration to the different classes within the overall office class. Gary provided a glimpse into the current state of the buy and sell market, as well as the new players that are entering the field to take advantage of current opportunities.

Phil Kanfer <span style="color:#33ccff;">|</span> Founder & CEO <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Market Lane Advisors <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span>Helping CRE choose the right PropTech

Season 4 / Episode 10 / 44:00
In this episode, Phil shares that his company Market Lane was born to provide an unbiased expertise to choose the right technology for each and every building, based on its own set of unique characteristics. Phil has seen first-hand how building owners look to the hospitality industry for inspiration on the future of office buildings.

Lee Odess <span style="color:#33ccff;">|</span> CEO <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span> Access Control Executive Brief <span style="color:#33ccff;">| </span>Unlocking the world of access control

Lee Odess

Season 4 / Episode 9 / 40:34
In this episode, we learn that Lee sees the world of access control from the perspective of the end-user and how it contributes to a better customer experience. Lee has always had a focus on community building and sees his role in the building access space as doing just that. He believes the past has helped inform the present and should not be overlooked when reviewing the evolution of property technology.