TEN | Highlights

The Tenant Experience Network podcast has featured many incredible guests who have shared valuable insights on the future of the workplace, enhancing tenant experience and the role of office buildings. Enjoy these highlights from some of the most prominent CRE thought leaders that have joined us on TEN. 

Jon Love
, KingSett Capital Season 3, Episode 1
Linda Foggie, Turner and Townsend Season 2, Episode 11
Brian Rosen, Colliers International Season 3, Episode 2
Jaime McKenna, Fengate Asset Management Season 2, Episode 2
Michael Emory, Allied Season 3, Episode 3
Laura Fishback, Avison Young Season 3, Episode 5
Ryan Elazari, Empire Management Season 3, Episode 6
Sheila Botting, Avison Young Season 2, Episode 14
David Abrams, HILO Host of TEN


JL: What we’re trying to do is to make the workplace an ever better place to go.

LF: Yeah, so I’ll take office first as I think my projection for office is that office still has a place, it’s still relevant, place is important for people.

DA: The opportunity that buildings create to collaborate, inspire, build culture, and build great companies. You know, I think the workplace, the office is part of an ecosystem now.

BR: Yeah, the ability to deliver amenities can come in different ways. It can come through the technology in the building, you know, having modern technology that makes it easy and seamless to interact with the building.

JM: An area that fascinates me is understanding how you can use sensors at a property level, collect that data and do things in a meaningful way for either, whether it’s energy efficiency, traffic flow comprehension, or even just tenant experience, so.

DA: I really believe that buildings have an obligation, perhaps more so than ever before to work with employers. To help attract and retain the best talent. And ultimately, bring people back to buildings.

ME: Looking forward I think experience is going to derive from a more meaningful level of engagement between the owner and the user.

LF: I think the community around the office buildings helps to bring the outside in.

DA: And it’s so critical to think about the building in the context of the neighborhood or the city in which it’s situated and look for opportunities to collaborate with other partners in and around the area.

RE: It was important for us to show that we care about our tenants and make sure that they have knowledge of everything that is going on in the building. And more importantly, feel that they are part of a community.

SB: I have had some amazing people that have been part of my journey. And those amazing people have really helped to you know, highlight the art of the possible in whatever role they’re in.

DA: Living through a pandemic has been really challenging for so many people, but it’s also provided an opportunity to what I like to say, be better, do better and build something better.