TEN Season 3 Trailer


Hi! I’m David Abrams, Co-founder and CEO of HILO, and host of TEN, the Tenant Experience Network. Join me for season 3 as we continue our conversations with leading CRE professionals who have something to say about tenant experience in the built world.

With all of the commentary around the return to the workplace, some of which is confrontational and polarizing, now is the time to consider how we can live and work in the world as it is RIGHT NOW. The CRE industry and employers can’t continue projecting to an imaginary date of when the world will return to ‘normal’. Perhaps living in a world with covid is THE NEW NORMAL. What does that mean for CRE? 

I hope that this season will clearly show that buildings are a vital part of a robust ecosystem that can help forge great companies, and in turn, support and cultivate their people and teams. The new workplace will likely take many forms. Let’s explore what that looks like together. 

This is a really important dialogue to have, and I encourage you to be part of the conversation by reaching out to me directly if you are interested in being a guest on TEN. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode of the Tenant Experience Network.