Annie Rinker, Director, Office of Innovation, Hines | How tech is changing Tenant Experience | 38:02


DA: Hi, I’m David Abrams, and I want to welcome you to this edition of the Tenant Experience Network Podcast. I want to welcome today’s guest Annie Rinker, Director, Office of Innovation at Hines. In this episode, we’ll learn about Annie’s journey to her current position at Hines, where she builds on the intersection of co-working and traditional commercial real estate, by exploring ways to drive value. We’ll tap into her thinking around how technology is changing client experience, hear her views on the changing role of the property manager and begin to explore where co-working meets multi-family. We’re excited to be sharing this podcast with you, so make sure to subscribe, so you never miss an episode of the Tenant Experience Network. So now I’d like to welcome Annie to the show. Annie, really glad that you could be with us today. How are you?

AR: I’m good David. Thank you. I’m really excited to be here with you.

DA: Well, I’m looking forward to the conversation. So let’s start with your journey to your current role as director, office of innovation at Hines. How did you get started? Walk me through what that looked like.

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