Interview with Jane Siklos
York Heritage Properties

When selecting Hilo as your tenant engagement platform, what factors did you consider?
We wanted to work with a local Canadian company that had the same focus and understanding of customer service that we do. Our tenants are very tech savvy and we needed to find an attentive partner that was both leading edge and focused on offering a personalized service.

Since implementing Hilo at your property, in what ways has Hilo contributed to your customer experience and delivery of tenant services?
Hilo is another tool in our toolbox. It has been extremely well received and provides another immediate opportunity to communicate with our community and receive immediate feedback.

What impact has Hilo had on attendance and/or the management of your annual tenant appreciation events?
The implementation of Hilo at our annual tenant appreciation events has both increased awareness and overall attendance. This was one of our major objectives when signing on. In the past, it was very difficult to depend on a single individual within a large business to get the word out. With Hilo, we are reaching each employee directly. We are also saving trees by eliminating the majority of our printed communications.

What was your aha moment during the Workplace Experience Workshop in December?
Walking through the front door and seeing the amazing representation from a cross section of our most important tenants, large and small. I realized that they too are invested in this type of communication and in engaging their staff in neighbourhood offerings.

Most importantly, what is your favourite lunch spot in Liberty Village?
I love Caffino! It is charming, the food is great and you really can’t beat the setting. It is a hidden gem in our community.

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