Engaging the community

Our commitment to co-create Hilo in collaboration with our building partners, and dedication to understanding our customers (the end-users or consumers of our product), continues to drive product evolution and innovation.

We like to engage in conversation with our key stakeholders by hosting facilitated Workplace Experience Workshops in Hilo communities. Through these workshops, we delve deeper into the meaning of Community Engagement, Workplace Experience (now and in the future), how our customers currently engage with their community, and what features they might like to see, all helping to inform our roadmap of product development.

During a Workplace Experience Workshop conducted in the Liberty Village community in December 2019, we asked the question: “What would you like Hilo to do for you in the future?”


  • Holiday notifications
  • Chat/forum (between members)
  • Employment opportunities
  • Security alerts
  • Road construction
  • Map view of businesses
  • Announcements of new businesses/happenings in the community
  • Volunteer/fundraising opportunities, neighbourhood volunteer day
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Creation of clubs
  • Networking events
  • Speaker series
  • Living accommodations, listings

These suggestions speak volumes about the desires/needs of those that work in our buildings, and their affinity towards being more connected and informed.

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