The Tenant Experience Network (TEN) features leading commercial real estate (CRE) professionals in conversation with HILO Co-founder & CEO, David Abrams. Each episode cuts through the ever-evolving, and sometimes polarizing opinions around the future of the workplace, and what it means for the importance of buildings and tenant experience.

From hybrid solutions to newly imagined spaces and amenities, TEN covers the latest thinking and insights on all things property and tech from people in the trenches: building owners, property managers, tenants and leading PropTech founders.

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Jamie Petten | President & Executive Director | Kanata North Business Association | Connecting the community in Canada’s largest technology park

Season 3 / Episode 19 / 31:09
In this episode, Jamie shares that in order to attract and retain talent, a big part of the conversation is adding new opportunities to live and play at Kanata North Technology Park, and making new investments to enhance physical workspaces. Jamie is enthusiastic about the role that HILO will play in helping to connect all the partners in the park and promote all of the park’s activities.

Michael Beckerman | CEO | CREtech | Putting a spotlight on tech and innovation in the built world

Season 3 / Episode 13 / 36:12
In this episode, Michael shares his career journey from public relations for commercial real estate to launching a small news aggregator that has grown into something much bigger, now CREtech. Michael saw an opportunity to put a spotlight on innovation in the built world and create a global audience of startups, commercial real estate operators and venture capitalists.

Amy Carroll | President | Trademark Properties | Is Commercial Real Estate a dinosaur?

Season 3 / Episode 12 / 33:35
In this episode, Amy discusses the need for buildings to be more competitive, especially when stacked up against newer construction. Technology has been focused on the operations side of the business, but it’s not enough. With HR managers now involved in every real estate decision, now is the time to tap into what is most important – delivering what tenants really want.

Steven Rotter | Vice Chairman | JLL | Why every deal matters and now is the time to invest

Season 3 / Episode 10 / 36:40
In this episode, Steven shares his strong belief that businesses will continue to see NYC as an important location to have a physical presence, albeit with different use cases and purposes. Interestingly, a majority of the deals that are getting done today are with buildings that are offering new, or expanded services and amenities to attract new tenants.

Bob Knakal | Chairman NY Investment Sales | JLL | A titan in NY CRE shares his story and insights

Season 3 / Episode 9 / 42:36
In this episode, Bob shares his personal experience working through the pandemic and how his own thinking has evolved and changed. Bob believes that working in the office is more fun and hopes that people will continue to find their way back to the office and rediscover the many ways in which the commute can provide valuable time to read, listen to audiobooks or your favorite podcast.

TEN | Highlights

The Tenant Experience Network podcast has featured many incredible guests who have shared valuable insights on the future of the workplace, enhancing tenant experience and the role of office buildings. Enjoy these highlights from some of the most prominent CRE thought leaders that have joined us on TEN.

Chad Griffiths | Industrial Real Estate Broker, Investor and Host of the Industrial Real Estate Podcast | People are the true asset in buildings

Season 3 / Episode 8 / 32:29
In this episode, Chad shares his belief that buildings can be a significant determinant in making the physical workspace more appealing. Placing an emphasis on what tenants want can have a direct correlation to the value of that building. We both agree that people are the true asset in buildings, and they need to be engaged in a more meaningful way.