The Tenant Experience Network (TEN) features leading commercial real estate (CRE) professionals in conversation with HILO Co-founder & CEO, David Abrams. Each episode cuts through the ever-evolving, and sometimes polarizing opinions around the future of the workplace, and what it means for the importance of buildings and tenant experience.

From hybrid solutions to newly imagined spaces and amenities, TEN covers the latest thinking and insights on all things property and tech from people in the trenches: building owners, property managers, tenants and leading PropTech founders.

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Brett Miller | CEO | Canderel | Embracing the future of work and experience

Season 4 / Episode 13 / 40:11
In this episode, Brett shares details on Canderel’s new Okkto initiative, which offers a very exciting suite of innovative workplace hospitality experiences for the users of their spaces. We discussed how technology can offer better connectivity to their customers and help to better understand their needs.

TEN Podcast guest Shimon Shkury

Shimon Shkury | President & Founder | Ariel Property Advisors | Building on great partnerships for success

Season 4 / Episode 12 / 39:53
In this episode, Shimon shares insights on the current state of the market as well as his beliefs on the opportunities ahead of us. He has a great read on what building operators need to do to create more compelling workplaces and suggested the idea of forming a Board, consisting of both building operators and the occupants, to come together and discuss emerging issues in CRE.

Gary Phillips | Managing Director | Eastdil Secured | Insights into the office market in New York

Season 4 / Episode 11 / 34:08
In this episode, we learn that Gary has been exposed to all asset classes but was able to share his insights into the office category and the challenges that it is facing, with consideration to the different classes within the overall office class. Gary provided a glimpse into the current state of the buy and sell market, as well as the new players that are entering the field to take advantage of current opportunities.

Antonia Cardone | Americas Lead | Total Workplace | Cushman & Wakefield | The value of being together in the workplace

Season 4 / Episode 1 / 41:46
In this episode, Antonia shares a number of reasons people want to be in the office. In the past, being in the office was about having access to “stuff”, whereas today the new emphasis is on socialization and collaboration. She suggests that while amenities and environment are important, the “value” of being together is the real driver of spending time in the office.

Sara Tabita | Community Experience Manager | Granite Properties | Facilitating workplace needs through tenant partnerships

Season 3 / Episode 21 / 27:02
In this episode, Sara acknowledges the shift from office space to office experience, and the need for buildings to provide their tenants with unique and memorable experiences that will also foster a sense of community. She stresses the importance of communication to help inform customers of any changes that may be necessary to deliver a better workplace experience.

Rita Tené Ellison | Associate Director | T. Dallas Smith & Company | Putting customers first in CRE

Season 3 / Episode 20 / 22:20
In this episode, Rita explains that access to local amenities is becoming more of a driving factor in real estate decisions, causing smart landlords to become more attentive to tenant needs, and respond with appropriate programming. With a “client-first” mentality, her firm has maintained a consistent approach throughout the pandemic in responding to the evolving needs of its customers.

Jamie Petten | President & Executive Director | Kanata North Business Association | Connecting the community in Canada’s largest technology park

Season 3 / Episode 19 / 31:09
In this episode, Jamie shares that in order to attract and retain talent, a big part of the conversation is adding new opportunities to live and play at Kanata North Technology Park, and making new investments to enhance physical workspaces. Jamie is enthusiastic about the role that HILO will play in helping to connect all the partners in the park and promote all of the park’s activities.

Rasheq Zarif | Co-founder & COO | ReWyre | Helping ReWyre the built world and future-proof buildings

Season 3 / Episode 14 / 26:37
In this episode, Rasheq shares his belief that the only way to optimize real estate again is to challenge building operators to create better workplace environments that people will want to spend time in. Rasheq views Tenant Experience, Safety and Security, and Climate Change as three main components of the Proptech ecosystem that are driving demand for emerging technology solutions.